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*Ranking and Requirment*

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*Ranking and Requirment* Empty *Ranking and Requirment*

Post by SatanRaj 6/9/2012, 19:54

To join the guild you will need to be Lvl 70+ (I do not want anymore legend classes)

100- ~ PickPocket
100+ (70+ for KOC) ~ Robber
140+ (120+ for KOC) ~ Thug

The Jrs can be any Lvl, but only be the people i choose; DO NOT BOTHER BEGGING OR ASKING TO BE JR, because my answer will be NO!!

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Guild Leader

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*Ranking and Requirment* Empty Re: *Ranking and Requirment*

Post by Nyan 10/9/2012, 17:41



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